• The Polyolefin HTE Workflow of HTExplore

  • The PPR48 platform of HTExplore: front view of the reaction modules

  • The PPR48 platform of HTExplore: top view of the reaction modules

  • The PPR48 platform: detail of the solution injector ports

  • Close-up of the pre-heated auto-sampler of the Bruker Avance III NMR setup with high-temperature cryoprobe

Other Services



As noted at the Company profile page, HTExplore is open to collaborations and joint ventures in the general field of HTE applications to organometallic catalysis, and can consider other fields if a real possibility to impact is envisaged. We are prepared to host researchers, from industry or academia, for HTE projects which can benefit from the use of our HTE platforms.

We are also interested to discuss novel HTE tools and methods, particularly in our main field of interest, i.e. organometallic catalysis, and think about joint development projects where our expertise and infrastructure can be of value.

We warmly encourage potential partners to contact us (see Contact page). Aspects related with IP protection will be openly examined, and secrecy agreements can be considered as long as the freedom and independence of HTExplore are not limited beyond what is strictly needed for any given case. 

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