• A robot happily weighing PPR vials overnight

  • Satellite view of the Bay of Pozzuoli and Campi Flegrei region, home to HTExplore

  • The Bay of Pozzuoli at sunset

  • The Polyolefin HTE Workflow of HTExplore

  • A close-up of the PPR at HTExplore



 logo grande HTE

The background image in the HTExplore logo is an artist’s view of a hyperspace. Fine-tuning or optimizing a catalyst means to explore the complex variables hyperspace, surfing around the local minima of a more or less rugged landscape searching for the global one. HTExplore knows how to navigate that hyperspace at high speed, escaping the many traps en-route to the target. We are not jealous of our know-how, and like to share it with others. Why not try?...

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