• A robot happily weighing PPR vials overnight

  • Satellite view of the Bay of Pozzuoli and Campi Flegrei region, home to HTExplore

  • The Bay of Pozzuoli at sunset

  • The Polyolefin HTE Workflow of HTExplore

  • A close-up of the PPR at HTExplore

The Company


HTExplore s.r.l. is a privately held limited liability company established in January 2013 with the status of Academic Spin-off of the Federico II University of Naples (Italy). The company originated from the Laboratory of Stereoselective Polymerizations (LSP), a research structure of the Department of Chemical Sciences directed by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and aims to provide state-of-the-art High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) services in organometallic catalysis, with special focus on the HTE fine-tuning and optimization of olefin polymerization catalysts and processes (details at the ‘Equipment’ and ‘Services’ pages). It operates with its own specialized lab staff and dedicated HTE tools.

A pre-requisite for the approval of an Academic Spin-off by the University Administrative Board is that no conflicts of interest exist between the Spin-off and the University. In particular, the Spin-off Business Plan must demonstrate that there is no competition with the University, and the claimed no-competition character must be certified by the University Administrative Board as well as the Council of the Department(s) from which the Academic spin-off is derived. In the specific case of HTExplore, the above means to separate scientific research applications of HTE, which pertain to the Department of Chemical Sciences through LSP (irrespective of whether they have fundamental or applied character) from commercial HTE services, which are delegated to HTExplore. Moreover, LSP and HTExplore have independent personnel and HTE equipment. On the other hand, clear synergies between LSP and HTExplore are recognized, and can be cultivated for mutual benefit.

HTExplore share-holders are Prof. Vincenzo Busico (55%), Prof. Roberta Cipullo (15%), and Ecochimica s.r.l. (30%); the latter is a privately held limited liability company operating in the field of analytical and environmental chemistry services. Prof. Vincenzo Busico is President of the Administrative Board and Scientific Director; Prof. Roberta Cipullo and Dr. Vincenzo Salerno (representing Ecochimica) are members of the Administrative Board.

In the start-up phase, HTExplore will be incubated in the Department of Chemical Sciences of the Federico II University. For logistic reasons, the lab space assigned to HTExplore is adjacent to the HTE infrastructure of LSP.

HTExplore has no Intellectual Property (IP) obligations with third parties, and complete freedom on IP policy. In particular, as a rule HTExplore has no IP claims on the results of HTE services to customers, and typically operates under non-disclosure and non-analysis agreements. 


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